Monday, February 25, 2008

Good night, Jim.

It takes a lot to get me on front of the keyboard this year. It happened today when six Republicans voted with the DFL to give a one-vote override of Pawlenty’s veto of the Transportation pork barrel bill.

Time to loose the hounds, so to speak. I’ve already left a message with my own feckless Representative, Jim (en)Abeler. I’ve written the entire GOP House leadership asking not only that Mr. Abeler be disciplined, but that any Republican who voted with the DFL be removed from any leadership position that they might hold. If my research is correct, that would include the otherwise Gentlemanly Neil Peterson.

I suggest you do the same. You can find the e-mail list here.

The GOP is already adrift, so any argument that such action will cost us at the polls is silly; it’s useless to complain about getting a wet stateroom when the Titanic has sunk. Like it or not, the GOP is in a re-building year. Going wobbly on basic principles will not shore up the foundations we need for future victories. The base, and the electorate at large, will once again understand that voting GOP means something, and now is a golden opportunity.

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