Saturday, September 23, 2006

A Bad Week for the Democrats . . . Again.

The belief that the Democrats now have an easy shot at taking over one, and maybe both houses of Congress have faded to such an extent that it’s becoming apparent in overseas newspapers (it might a bit longer for the current evidence to sink into DNC bastions like The Star-Tribune).

Let’s start with the two speeches at the U.N. by Ahmadinejad (Iran) and Chavez (Venezuela). They both have been spending the week bashing Bush in the same way Democrats have, even using the same words. This is a problem; when dictators and nuts from abroad tour your home turf sound exactly like your political party, people will notice! Congressman Charlie Rangle was the first to recognize the problem and step to the nearest microphone saying ‘Don’t bash my President while you’re in town.’ Not with his usual fire and passion, but it was there. Nancy Pelosi was next on the damage control bandwagon, distancing herself from Ahmadinejad and Chavez, as did Chuck Schumer.

I’d love to see some enterprising Republican organization produce an ad that alternates Ahmadinejad’s and Chavez’s comments with those of Democrats like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean, etc. It would be quite instructive.

Problem two: Bush has made a deal with McCain and Company on the terrorist detainee bill (see the post of 9/18, ‘Going out of our Way…’). As a result, the focus will now shift from a GOP harassed by factional obstinacy to a terrorist detainee bill that the Democrats will have to take a stand on, but don’t really want to.

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