Monday, September 25, 2006

Fliers from the Fair

When I was at the State Fair I did a bit of flyer collection…or what one friend of mine calls “information." Most of it was political this year, and I was perusing the handouts regarding the highway transportation question that would amend the state constitution. Two handouts were generally prevalent, a card (about 2 inches by 4 inches) and a larger flier, about three times the size of a standard postcard.

What both these sources fail to mention is that the amendment would force the state to spend no less than 40% of such revenues on public transit and not more than 60% on roads. I don’t think the oversight is accidental; voters might have reason to shy away from constitutionally mandated budget formulas such as this.

The larger flier is even more misleading when it states that “the amendment will provide balanced investments in rural and metro communities.” The amendment codifies no such thing, just as it doesn't codify any money being spent on roads or in outstate Minnesota.

I’m STILL voting no . . .

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