Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Yesterday and Today

Like many, I was listening to a few 9/11 retrospectives yesterday. One commentator, recalling his reaction on that day reiterated his belief that “The United States will never be the same.” I’m not so sure. Prior to 9/11/01 we were a people inwardly focused, with a large segment of the population (or one might simply say ‘leadership’) not willing to recognize that there is ‘evil’ in the world, even when it directly confronts us.

On 9/12/01 there were many who all of a sudden seemed to wake up and realize that, yes, evil did exist. Some were still in denial, calling it ‘senseless' and a 'tragedy’ (9/11 was neither of those things). But it seems that this was newfound recognition of ‘evil’ was merely stated, not actually believed as part their world view. Now, many of these folks, and too much of the nation, appear to have returned to a 9/10/01 mentality. We are too much the same today as before the twin towers fell. George Bush is denounced by some with greater frequency and conviction than the terrorists.

I think you are essentially correct. There are shades of gray there, of course, but just look at the fights now regarding intercepts and interrogation techniques for non-uniformed combatants (i.e.; terrorists). It frankly baffles me.
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