Wednesday, October 25, 2006

ABCs remarkable bias

I haven’t watched ABC nightly news for some time, if for no other reason, there’s nothing to be learned. By the time I watch it, I’ve already read or heard just about everything they have to say…in more depth, too (Rush’s term ‘drive by media’ is quite apt).

Tonight ABC decided to concentrate on the Tennessee Senate race between Corker (R) and Ford (D). The first thing they mentioned is that Corker is behind an ascendant Ford in this state that voted twice for Bush, the second that the GOP effort is tainted by racism as evidenced by a commercial run by the RNC.

The bias of the first point is that ABC gives no support for the ‘Corker is behind’ contention. In fact five polls have been released in the last week. Four show Corker ahead and one is a tie, a decided shift in Corker’s favor.

The bias of the second point is that there is no racism in the commercial, unless you really, really are digging for ways to be offended. My wife and I both viewed the ABC presentation of the ad and couldn’t understand where the ‘racism’ came into play.

But ABC DID miss actual racism on display by Ford’s father outside one of his campaign offices as he referred to a Corker supporter as a “cracker.”

Finally, while not related to the two events above, ABC did not bother to report Ford’s major gaff last Friday as he crashed a Corker press conference (perphaps this evenings piece was ABCs attempt at damage control).

ABCs desire to make Ford look like a winner in control and Corker a struggling second placer was all too obvious, particularly in light of a couple of easily researched facts.

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