Tuesday, October 31, 2006

…and the President’s praise.

One would hope that the following sentiments expressed by President Bush were universal.
“....I cannot tell you how proud I am to be the Commander-in-Chief of such incredibly brave men and women who have volunteered to wear the uniform of the United States. And even in the midst of a heated campaign season, there are still some things we should all be able to agree on – and one of the most important is that every one of our troops deserves our gratitude – and respect….

…Whatever party you belong to, whatever you think about the war in Iraq, we should all agree that our troops deserve our unwavering support. And when it comes to supporting our men and women in uniform, I don’t have any doubt where Mac Collins is going to land. He is a strong supporter of the military. And he knows what I know: Any time you have American troops in harm’s way, they have the right to expect the full support of the American government.”
Too many among us do not feel this reverence. Sadly, many politicians are found in the latter group. Is Amy Klobuchar among them? We may never know, but given the company she keeps, I think we can guess.

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