Friday, October 20, 2006

Ask and ye shall receive

Yesterday I ended one of my blog posts by saying “Getting out a well done national security ad just might delay [my Kennedy pre-mortem] post an additional week all by itself…”

Well lo and behold today the Kennedy campaign released a national security ad. Now I’ve been pretty tough on Kennedy’s ads. Impressed I’ve not been. So I was very pleasantly surprised at this one called ‘Security,’ his best ad so far. It zeros in on one of Klobuchar’s weakest points; the willingness to abandon military action against, in favor of diplomacy with, those whose ‘afterlife bliss’ depends on them killing us.

It’s not a home run. I would have tweaked the script just a bit, but on the whole it’s very well done; a serious ad on a serious issue where before I saw too much fluff ‘n nonsense and gimmickry.

If this weeks Zogby poll is correct, that Kennedy has closed to 7.5 points away from Klobuchar, this ad will no doubt continue the momentum.

Heck, I just might get off my duff and do some GOTV work for him.

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