Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The company you keep.

As I mentioned before, Amy Klobuchar did a fair job of sounding like a moderate during the last debate. This is in sharp contrast to the two big guns she’ll be wheeling out during this final week of the campaign…John Kerry and Al Gore.

Now I’ve never been of the opinion that sharing a stage, just once, with a particular person of a particular stripe marks one for life. But to invite two of the most hard-left of the Democrat party come in and speak for you as the race closes? Has to mean something. I mean, why not Joe Lieberman? Ok. I know the answer to that.

So who’s she playing to? Certainly not the average ‘middle of the road’ Minnesotan. No, she’s going after the rabid loonies on the far left of the DFL base (pardon the redundancy).

I hope the Kerry-Gore speeches get lots of airplay. That should be good for at least a couple points for Mark Kennedy…especially after Kerry’s wonderful final week gaff on how stupid our soldiers are.

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