Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The envelope please...

Apologies for the late awards for last week…

Counterpunch of the Week – Lynn Cheney for her deft and devastating response to Wolf Blitzer of CNN. He invited her on his show to talk about her new children’s book about the 50 states, only to grill her on V.P. Cheney and torture, and to try and equivocate some of her books with that of the more disgusting aspects of Senate candidate Webb’s publications.

Campaign Slogan of the Week – “Punch Foley for Joe.” Foley resigned too late for the Republicans to get the name of his replacement, Joe Negron, on the ballot. Under Florida law, citizens who want to vote for Negron will have to do it under Foley’s name. If Negron wins, it just may be solely due to this very clever slogan.

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