Sunday, October 01, 2006

Independant Thoughts

Another bit of information I picked up at the Minnesota State Fair this year was some of the pitches by the Independence Party of Minnesota. They have this idea that Jesse Ventura started a political movement that only need be built upon. The party symbol, buy the way, is the buffalo; “Strong. Agile. Hardworking. And able to thrive in almost any conditions.” (But don’t these ‘independent’ creatures also move only in herds?)

Anyway, about that ‘thrive’ part, I don’t think they’ll be able to build on Jesse’s previous accomplishment, a governorship that was so successful that he didn’t bother to run for a second term. Not to mention that his win was almost completely personality-based. None of this year’s candidates are really turning anybody’s crank.

What sticks out to me is their general pitch. They’ve managed to take what has become known as the ‘three Gs’ of southern campaigning (God, guns and gays) and morphed it into 7. To wit: they want to move the state “forward” by brushing aside “…issues on which Minnesotans will not agree like the 7 Gs: guns, gays, God, gambling, gynecology (abortion), green cards (immigration), and gladiators (stadiums).”

Whew! In other words, we’re going to avoid the HARD issues and only work on those that have massive public support. Now that’s LEADERSHIP!

So what’s an Independent platform that causes no significant disagreement? Well, for one, “Fix the long-ignored problems with our roads and get serious about transit.” Another… “Double the odds of Minnesota students getting a college degree – and being able to afford it.” Or “Cut the cost of health care 20%, triple the odds of getting best [sic] care, and assure coverage for every Minnesotan.”

Gee. I can’t imagine there would be any disagreement over those goals. Unless, of course, it had anything to do with how to go about achieving them. Therein lies the great untold story that, once told, will no doubt become additional issues that “divide Minnesotans.”

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