Thursday, October 19, 2006

Itchy trigger finger....

About a week ago I wrote a ‘pre-mortem’ for Mark Kennedy’s U.S. Senate campaign. After putting on the finishing touches I decided, for some reason, to give Mr. Kennedy one more week to come up with SOMETHING to indicate a reversal of his flagging fortunes before calling the race ‘over and done.’

Today a Zogby poll came out showing that Klobuchar’s lead over Kennedy has dropped to 7.5 points. Now the race was never going to be a 15+ pointer as polls have indicated up until now, and such a narrowing was to be expected in the final days. But to suddenly be within 8 points with three weeks left to go…that’s enough to give one pause. It’s still an up-hill battle for Kennedy (historically a late closer), but I’ll hold off on that post for one more week.

Getting out a well done national security ad just might delay that post an additional week all by itself…

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