Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Kennedy vs. The Machine Imitates Amy Klobuchar

The guys over at Kennedy vs. The Machine have gone loopy. They’ve joined with the Washington Post’s incomprehensible call for Speaker Hastert to resign.

According to The Post, “The facts of the disgrace of Mark Foley, who was a Republican member of the House from a Florida district until he resigned last week, constitute a disgrace for every Republican member of Congress.” Nonsense! The Post reaches this 'guilt by party affiliation' verdict by massively over-blowing the contents of the e-mail made known to the speaker. The editorial gets the initial facts wrong and spins wildly out of control from there.

It’s tough to take seriously any Republican who so easily steps into a Democrat-Media trap. Given the known timeline of events, Hastert did the right thing. KvM’s call shatters their credibility.

Interestingly enough, their comment option has been ‘disabled’ since Monday afternoon. Hmmmm…..

What would you have left as a comment?
I would probably have posted the sentiments as expressed and in a shorter version, perhaps foregoing the blog entry. The "Hmmmmm...." at the end was a bit of a cheap shot, probably best left out.
If they didn't want cheap shots, they wouldn't be running a blog, would they :)

You poke your nose out of the cave at your own risk, and take your lumps. If you can't defend your ideas (like them) in your blog then why run a blog in the first place?
georgfelis - A fair point, but I like to think that discourse, even in the blogosphere, is best served in a civilized style. My 'cheap shot' wasn't even at one of their ideas, just that the comments were down. I don't know why that is, but my comment was unnecessary and placed in a moment of peak. Gary of KvM and I have had reason for an e-mail exchange on one of my larger screw-ups. He's been more than gracious.
I know Andy and Gary and they aren't going off the deep end by any means. Nor are they going squishy.

Speaking for myself, I wouldn't mind in the least if Hastert resigned (from leadership, not his seat). Not because what he did was horribly wrong, it wasn't, but because part of the rules of the game are that the press does everything in their power to smear us and we don't have the luxury of time. That said, even I wouldn't support him stepping down if he was doing a good job. Sadly, he isn't. The Republican Congress has been a big disappointment and moving the dead weight at the top might allow real conservatives to lead.
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