Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Surfing the Polls

Captains Quarters (here) and KvM (here) each think they have found a silver lining in the cloud of bad polls for Republicans. CQ leans on a New York Times article that shows the GOP very much in the thick of things, while KvM is trusting the word of Klobuchar’s campaign manager (!) that there are still too many undecideds to assure victory for Klobuchar’s Senate race.

Before we get all cozy and warm about these two examples, let us take a lesson from this week’s Monday Night Football game between the Bears and the Cardinals. The Cards had a commanding lead going into the 4th quarter, but for some reason let down while the Bears defense and kick-return unit scored two touchdowns (the offense produced squat!).

The Democrats know they’re leading, but are running the risk that their base may take a win for granted, perhaps to the point of not showing up when it comes time to actually vote. The Democrats will try to paint a not-so-rosy picture so the base doesn't get complacent

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