Saturday, October 28, 2006

Too little too late

Mark Kennedy’s ‘Security’ ad hit all the right notes. It injected substance into a race that sorely needed it. Heads swiveled around the nation as it resonated across the state and beyond. Numbers turned.

But as good as it was, it was not enough to reverse a lackluster campaign. The final nail for me was the Rasmussen numbers that were released late this week; Klobuchar 53%, Kennedy 39%. Jim Geraghty at National Review repeated one tale of Minnesota woe from a north metro GOP area:

“I was out door-knocking with our local State Representative candidate…we mostly got the polite brush off...This year, some homes that would normally have a Republican sign politely said no. I think this will be the worst election for Republicans since I’ve been involved in politics. I’m guessing somewhere between 92 and 74.”
Now I don’t believe his will be the final numbers, but a pollster as good as Rasmussen just isn’t off by enough to give Kennedy much of a chance. Yes, the unforeseen is possible but where it would come from, I can’t say. I’m willing to be wrong, especially if I have such good company as Rasmussen.

On November 8th it’s going to be Senator Amy Klobuchar. Get used to it.

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