Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The bloom is off the Rove

Last night the Republicans landed in the worst part of the bell curve when it came to plausible electoral outcomes …an apparent loss of 35 house seats and loss of the Senate as well.

First, a question…what happened to that vaunted ‘Get Out The Vote’ machine? In spite of early signs of huge success, it didn’t work.

Second, an observation…When it came time to setting the table for the GOP in this election, Rove really blew it. Now, it may not have been fully in his control; the Congressional Republicans didn’t give him a lot to work with, and I’ll cover that in later post-mortems throughout the day.

That being said, however, Rove is still a brilliant strategist, and that sort tends to learn from their mistakes. The question is, will he be able to regain his winning sheen (assuming he wants to), or will he go the way of James Carville?

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