Thursday, November 09, 2006

The gears and the cranks

Andy Aplikowski is a prolific and passionate blogger who is very much concerned about the state of the Minnesota GOP (as you can see here and here). And with good reason. He has a lot to say, but could someone please clue me in on what he’s talking about? Repair of the party will have to be forced from the base, but they need to be addressed in plain language. I’m betting most of us don’t know what a ‘BPOU’ is.

Really, I might like to help Andy push the party in the right direction, but first he’ll need to calm down, stop talking ‘shop’ and start from square one.

BPOU: BAse Political Organizational Unit.
Mine is a Senate District. Some are city, county, or House District based. It is the local party org of that area.

By the base I mean: The chair, dep. Chair, and Sec. Treasurer who are the only elected people of the actual party itself, are elected by teh state central committee. The members of that committee are elected by people at BPOU conventions.

It is the purest form of picking good people to lead out party. It is the base activists electing who we want to lead us. There is no moderate vote, no playing to swing voters. The true core of our people make this decision.

We made a bad one in Carey.

We can correct this. We need this party to be willing to look a publically elected official in the eye and say, "sorry, you have hurt our message."

Results don't justify the loss of our party's agenda. We do stand for something, I don't think Carey and others did a good job doing that.

We lost, and we lost bad. Let me know if that helps at all.
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