Monday, November 27, 2006

Islam; the religion of the temper tantrum

President Bush has been going out of his way since 9/11 in declaring Islam “a peaceful religion.” Yet the followers of the prophet of Mohammed are going out of their way to prove otherwise.

Recently in Turkey we’ve seen continued demonstrations against the Pope for (months ago) referencing an ancient text not kind to Islam; not as an establishment of a position, but as a lead-in to discussion of a serious topic. Islam would have none of it. Taking pleasure in outrage is much more fun than scholarly endeavors.

Then there are the ‘Six Imam’ who were removed from a U. S. Airways flight last week. They are now making various demands on the airline and America in general that we ignore the unique positioning of their own religious structure. Namely, that one segment produces extreme violence against innocents while the larger segment either does nothing about this scorpion in their midst or demands that everyone else ignore it as well.

And, of course, there are the assassinations by Syria, the riots in France, the stoking of Iraqi militia by Iran, etc. etc.

Conjecture is beginning to flow around the blogosphere that the ‘Six Imam’ intentionally used their ‘religious observances’ obtrusively to provoke the situation that erupted. While I would have earlier resisted this presumption, I would no longer be surprised. Islam seems to have decided on two-pronged approach to the non-Islamic world; please tolerate and accept us while you are blown to bits.

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