Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The ‘Six Imam’ set-up.

As I think about it I am becoming more convinced that the ‘Six Imam’ incident was indeed a deliberate stunt. Dean Barnett lays some compelling groundwork:

It is inconceivable that the Imams were unaware that their prayer ritual would scare the stuffing out of their fellow-passengers. Since we know that Islamophobia is actually a fear and a not particularly irrational one especially when boarding an airliner, the Imams were at best insensitive.

But when you consider the facts that a few of the Imams requested extra-long seatbelts (that they didn’t need) and engaged in a loud dialogue condemning America’s role in Iraq, it’s obvious that the Imams had mischief on their minds. For whatever reason, they deliberately intended to unnerve the plane’s other passengers. One can only wonder, to what ends?

Add to this one other factor…since 9/11 there have been how many Muslims taking how many flights in the U.S.? Had the behavior of the ‘Six Imams’ been typical of Islamic travelers there surely would have been an incident reported long ago. It further goes to support the passengers testimony that the Six were more vociferous than the Six themselves claim (have you noted that the media plays over and over statements of the ‘Six Imam’ but never seem to give the ruffled passengers equal time?).

The ‘Six Imam’ are reveling in the spotlight, pressing all the right ‘victim’ buttons. Almost as if they got exactly what they were after.

Scottish Right makes a salient point:

The biggest risk the West faces is allowing ourselves to be guilted into foregoing all good sense. It's quite brilliant, really. The United States is almost impervious to conventional invading armies, but a terrorist group wearing the cloak of religious devotion is the perfect virus to penetrate our defenses. The political objectives of the terrorists are inseparable from their religious beliefs. Terror suspects who scream "Islamophobia" or accuse their captors of violating their religious rights know that they will generate a great deal of sympathy with the media establishment....

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