Thursday, November 09, 2006

Why Republicans lost

In his essay The Road Not Taken, Hugh Hewitt's agrees with my basic assertions (am I allowed to say that?) covered in "Recipe for Disaster." But he covers them more completely and directly that I ever could. He quotes his own book published in March with these prescient opening paragraphs:

If you are a conservative Republican, as I am, you have a right to be worried. An overconfident and complacent Republican Party could be facing electoral disaster. Hillary Clinton, Howard Dean, and a host of others could be looming in our future and undoing all the good we've tried to do.

It is break the glass and pull the alarm time for the Republican Party. The elections looming in November 2006 are shaping up to be disastrous for the GOP as the elections of 1994 were for the Democrats. Most GOP insiders seem unaware of the party's political peril. Some are resigned to a major defeat as the price we have to pay for a decade of consistent gains, which, they think, couldn't have gone on forever.

Had the GOP heeded this warning eight months ago, they would have salvaged the Senate, and maybe even the House. Now Hugh has given them a roadmap for recovery and it's time for them to get their heads out of the beltway and listen up to the people that put them there.

Read it, read it read it!!

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