Thursday, March 15, 2007

A very inconvenient couple of weeks for Al Gore and the CGW-E

It will take multiple posts, and out of intended order, to bring into focus what has been rolling out recently about man-caused global warming theories championed by Al Gore and the Church of Global Warming – Evangelical (CGW-E). Body blow after body blow has been letting the gas out their arguments, or at least calling into question the veracity of their proponents.

Let’s start with Tuesday’s New York Times. I would have liked to save this for a later time but I’m not sure how long the link will last for those without the proper subscription. But the short of it is that the NYT story is calling for a bit of a ‘time out’ in an item titled “From a Rapt Audience, a Call to Cool the Hype

Read it. Scientist after scientist is quoted on their skepticism of the Gore/CGW-E doctrine. I’m tempted to reproduce the whole article but perhaps I can whet your appetite with a few snippets:
“Hardly a week goes by,” Dr. Peiser said, “without a new research paper that questions part or even some basics of climate change theory,” including some reports that offer alternatives to human activity for global warming.

…“Nowhere does Mr. Gore tell his audience that all of the phenomena that he describes fall within the natural range of environmental change on our planet,” Robert M. Carter, a marine geologist at James Cook University in Australia, said in a September blog. “Nor does he present any evidence that climate during the 20th century departed discernibly from its historical pattern of constant change.”

…[Dr. Easterbrook]…flashed a slide that showed temperature trends for the past 15,000 years. It highlighted 10 large swings, including the medieval warm period. These shifts, he said, were up to “20 times greater than the warming in the past century.”
To be sure, NYT plays favorites. They do their best from the outset to defend the Gore/CGW-E hypothesis. For example:
Getting personal, [Dr. Easterbrook] mocked Mr. Gore’s assertion that scientists agreed on global warming except those industry had corrupted. “I’ve never been paid a nickel by an oil company,” Dr. Easterbrook told the group. “And I’m not a Republican.”
Excuse, me, but it seems that it’s Gore “getting personal” by claiming that CGW-E opponents are “corrupted.” Defense of honor against slander is not “getting personal,” it’s setting the record straight against a calculated lie.

But even for all its defenses of “An Inconvenient Truth,” the fact that the NYT felt it had to print this story quoting the scientists it does is an inconvenient blow for Gore.

And we’re just getting started.

Read it. Read it now!

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