Friday, April 13, 2007

Terrorism Awaress Day - April 19th

The indefatigable David Horowitz has launched a new college campus movement called Terrorism Awareness. The goal is two-fold: First, to overcome censorship, at the University level, of the film ‘Obsession’ that sketches the global threat posed by radical Islam. Secondly, to break through the politically correct ‘information ceiling’ constructed by many college campuses that prevents an open examination of the threat posed by Islamic terrorism.

On April 19th more than 100 college campuses will have events surrounding the showing of this film, hopefully followed by large cracks in the collegiate gag order that muffles discussion of the topic. I’ll be watching to see what happens next week, but given the true antipathy for free speech by the professorial left and Hamas-backed Islamist groups I don’t expect to be surprised.

In the meantime, if you haven’t seen ‘Obsession,’ go here and view an 11 minute clip from the film. It is more than worth your time.

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