Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Cloistered Cocoon

I’ve been finding modern academia to be less and less a respectable, much less admirable, place. Case in point this evening is the Community College District of Arizona’s Maricopa County. Now were not talking the cream of academe, but its small, local, non-snobby stature makes the offense ever so much more notable.

It seems that a professor has been placed on administrative leave and facing termination for a Thanksgiving e-mailing of (drum roll please) . . . George Washington’s Thanksgiving Day address!


The e-mail was deemed “hostile” and “derogatory” because it contained a link to Patrick Buchanan’s blog from which the professor in question found the address.

So off-worldly and shuttered is the mindset of the left that now infests many halls of college campuses that they resemble less places of learning and more like cloistered cocoons (inbred ones at that). Such division from reality deserves, at the very least, division from funding.

Wow... what a find...

And a disturbing one at that...

So much for your open-minded liberals in academia..
A well-kept secret indeed. I've been surprised at how PC has gone from irritating to viciously destructive. more to come...
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