Thursday, May 10, 2007

CNN: Ah, for the good old days...

CNN is currently running a story designed not to enlighten, but tug at anti-Iraq heartstrings (I’ll try to find a link later).

The focus is on a women’s prison where the inmates ‘exist, not live’ according to the story. The pathos-laden ploys are obvious but one line caught me in particular; that ‘most noticeable was the quiet…the low murmurs’ in the prison.

Not like the screams of torture, dog mauling, steamroller crushing and wood-chipper feeding in the good-old Saddam days. Keep in mind that CNN sanitized its Iraqi coverage during the pre-liberation era so as to avoid the risk of being thrown out of the country.

It’s so interesting to see our news providers that once kowtowed to Saddam now in an eager rush to be as negative toward U.S. policy as they can be.

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