Friday, May 18, 2007

Coleman Adrift

I have fun jabbing at MNPublius because they're so much into Democrat victories than sound/consistant policy or philosophy. But they've had a point when it comes to Norm Coleman and his tepid stand on the war.

Now Coleman seems to have put his finger to the wind on another equally important issue, immigration. The Kennedy-McCain bill is being set up to zoom through the Senate. It's the wrong thing to do on so many sound policy levels. Yet too many GOP Senators have their head in the beltway mentality. Funny thing is, standing firm on this issue against President Bush, Kennedy and McCain will gain GOP Senators some points. Americans are fore-square against the sort of amnesty and open boarders this bill allows. That they're trying to ram-rod this thing through before the public becomes too aware is telling.

You can begin reading about it here here and here.

I've just called Coleman's office, asking his position on this bill. The pleasant voice on the other end stated that he has not issued a statement on the bill yet. Amazing! This is not a nuanced, complicated measure. That it would take this much time for Coleman to take a stand can only mean (to me) that his finger is once again in the wind, looking for a safe place to land rather than lead with his principles on the issue. If Coleman wants to do the right thing for the nation (not to mention retain any possibility of my support for '08) that will also help the Minnesota GOP to boot, he'd come out quick with unambiguous opposition to the bill, even in support of a filibuster to keep this thing from being voted on until the public at large is wide-eyed at what it contains.

Coleman's number is 202-224-5641.

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