Wednesday, May 02, 2007

It really IS a religion

When I talk about the Church of Global Warming – Evangelical (CGW-E) it’s only partly tongue-in-cheek. Check out the latest in ‘hotel fashion:’

April 27 (Bloomberg) -- Visitors to the Gaia Napa Valley Hotel and Spa won't find the Gideon Bible in the nightstand drawer. Instead, on the bureau will be a copy of “An Inconvenient Truth,” former Vice President Al Gore's book about global warming.

Consider a few things: First, that the Gideons provide the Bibles free of charge. Not so Al Gore with his apologia. Second, there’s no ‘mutual exclusivity’ between the books; both can be placed in the room. Third, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence that the presence of the Gideon Bible has resulted in significant positive changes in the personal lives of those who happen across them, like turning away from suicide or returning to a spouse that had been just been abandoned. I doubt that such turns away from the abyss will accrue from anything Al Gore says or writes. On the contrary, hopelessness tends to follow in his wake.

Just a little view on the mindset of the ‘Green Movement’ that has planted itself firmly in Oz while displacing another book of faith.

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