Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The unbelievable shame of Minneapolis…and Hispanic activists…and Democrats.

Powerline highlights an interesting facet of the recent bust of a Twin Cities ‘sex slave’ ring. You can read the Powerline post here, but the most alarming side aspect of this affair is Minneapolis’ bow to political correctness:

“The investigation and arrests were the product of a collaboration involving federal agencies, Minnesota's Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, and the St. Paul Police Department. Notably absent was the Minneapolis Police Department, notwithstanding the fact that nearly all of the brothels were in Minneapolis. The city sent out emails to reporters explaining why it was AWOL: as a matter of policy, Minneapolis does not participate in investigations of illegal aliens.”

Let’s assume the above is accurate. That would mean Mayor Rybek and his fellow Democrats, who have controlled Minneapolis for years, would prefer doing nothing about a sex slave ring that might involve a few illegal aliens. What a wonderful message to send to any illegals living in the city!

One STRIB story on this is here. It contains the disgusting thought (courtesy of the Minnesota Immigrant Freedom Network) that, since Minneapolis police were present during the bust, “…many Hispanics may lose trust in the police and will be reluctant to report crimes.”

Oh. You mean crimes like forcing Hispanic women into sex slavery? Was the Minnesota Immigrant Freedom Network a customer or what? Is this barbaric set of values common in the local Hispanic ‘community?’

I guess now that the illegals have received a "carte blanche" message.

Party on, Juan!
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