Monday, June 18, 2007

Heads they win, tails Isreal loses

John Hinderacker at Powerline provides a tight, insightful post that not only capsulizes the current difficulty in Gaza, but the root mindset of western Palestinian apologists. I’ll steal two points here. Point one:

“The violence going on now in Gaza is horrific. What is striking, of course, is how little anyone seems to care. If Israelis were murdering Fatah members with the gusto now being shown by Hamas, the U.N. Security Council would be in special session, cranking out resolutions. It would be an international crisis, on which events in Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Egypt and Afghanistan would be blamed for decades to come. But no one seems to get too exercised about Palestinians killing one another.”

One could accurately add “…or anyone else” to the end of the thought. Outrage over violent events in and around Israel are highly selective and preemptively focused, depending on who’s doing the death-dealing in whatever TV clip is currently making the rounds.

Second point: John introduces a Reuters caption to a photo of a female Palestinian suicide bomber:

“Violent Muslim, Christian and Jewish extremists invoke the same rhetoric of 'good' and 'evil' and the best way to fight them is to tackle the problems that drive people to extremism, according to a report obtained by Reuters.”

John’s response gets to the heart of Reuters’ jaundiced world view:

“Yes, it all makes perfect sense: you have to watch out for those dangerous wackos who talk about "good" and "evil." Meanwhile, Reuters is looking for photos of Christian and Jewish suicide bombers and will publish them as soon as they can find them in their archives.”

There is, of course, no equivalence between “Violent Muslim, Christian and Jewish extremists” because there are no Christian or Jewish equivalents to the Islamic Jihadists populating and spreading around the world. It is a self-delusion designed to fit a ‘template,’ rather than decipher the root of the real “problems.”

Long ago, it seems, elites in politics and media abandoned the pursuit of ‘spiritual’ judgment and/or discerning philosophy required to recognize ‘good’ and ‘evil,’ instead relying on a materialist/relativist world view that demands policy solutions to moral rot. The ultimate end of such a methodology is appeasement and capitulation. Which, of course, only encourages more “extremism."

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