Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Miller Time Once Again.

Far be it from me to place myself in the same league as Gary Miller of (gulp!) Truth Vs. The Machine, but we do enjoy some common traits; We’re both Republicans, can’t stand those among the party elected who act witlessly, or outside of traditional Republican convictions or sacrifice the party in mere self-interest, wish our D.C. caucus would ignore the MSM and get a spine, and have not been inspired much to post since the last election.

Just to name a few.

We both seem to be posting a bit more lately, a happy development from the perspective of a G.M.M. reader (I need more material to steal for my own blog…).

However, Gary is much more a gentleman than I, and he appears to pull some punches against the Star-Tribune where, perhaps, a more forceful declaration would be reasonable. To wit:

Diaz quotes me saying something that would give the current king of the inane a run for his money:

“Coleman will have to differentiate himself from Bush in some way,” said Gary Miller, a conservative blogger who supported Kennedy’s campaign via his Kennedy vs. The Machine website. “I don’t know how he’s going to do it. It’s really a dilemma,” added Miller, who since has renamed his site www.truthvmachine.com.

Fair enough. Always happy to fit the meme. But it is was [sic] far from the essence of my point which was that there is very little downside to a visit from the President in light of the fact he will not be in the ballot next Fall.

Ok…chalk it up to my being ‘thick’ but a question, Gary…were you egregiously misquoted or not? If I read this correctly, you were, and (verbal) pistols at dawn may be an appropriate response.

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