Monday, September 17, 2007

Random thoughts and percolated conclusions. . .

. . . from last Saturday’s events and Sunday’s posts:

- Will someone please get Mitch a watch that runs on Central time?

- When approached by someone from the ‘other side’ who says “Can I ask you a question,” the proper response is “No, but we can have a dialogue.” Those on the Left actually dislike dialogue, thus the request to ask you a question. If you simply agree, you’ve set yourself up for a straw man question/inquisition that can’t directly be answered in an honest fashion, like “Have you stopped beating your wife?” or “When will the war end?” You’re not allowed to challenge the question, thus, you are accused of “not answering the question.”

- It’s been said that our little counter-protest was a “huge success.” Really? By what measure? I don’t ask this flippantly but I’m not sure what that standard would be. We may have successfully shown that there is an opposing point of view out there, but it would be an error, I think, to describe a 1:50 counter-ratio as “huge.” On the other hand, given that more ‘cut-and-run’ marches aren’t ‘countered,’ just the existence of this one may be success enough. Yes, those of us on the ‘right’ (for lack of a better term at the moment) generally have more demands on their ‘real life’ plate than those on the left which means the population pool from which we draw may be much smaller (I don’t know how many of the marchers spent all week working on the road through Friday, only to return to week-long travel duties on the following Monday). And organized protest isn’t usually in the conservative ‘quiver of arrows’ when it comes to airing our grievances. But it may be true, as one fellow blogger put it, that "we doth (not) protest too much."

Give the left its due, they know how these things are done and we don’t. Rather than judge last Saturday as a “huge success” the local ‘Defeat Jihad’ movement should treat it as a learning experience. A greater presence during the 2008 GOP convention would indeed be a worthy goal.

- A personal answer to the previous point: one of my stated reasons for being there (as proven by my supporting performance on a U-Tube flick) is to show the troops that there are indeed Americans who believe in their mission as they do, and support them in the true context of the word. This was affirmed by a soldier who had served in Iraq that came up to our group and expressed how uplifted he and his fellow soldiers in Iraq were to see such support.

Success indeed.

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