Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cub trumps Target – The Red Kettle Wars

I have a tradition…never pass a Salvation Army kettle without making some kind of donation. Maybe it’s only some change, usually a bill or two. But for that reason I’ve been peeved at Target for their removal of said charity collection at their doors.

Cub, however, has not taken the same Scrooge-type route. In fact, they’re going two better. Not only are S.A. kettles at their stores, but Cub employees have volunteered to start the collections early by ringing the bells starting today. Plus, Cub will match the day’s donations.

I know this news may be late for most of you, but even if you can’t get there in time for the Cub matching day, let them know you appreciate their policy of allowing the Red Kettles to remain during the Christmas season.

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